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Jan. 26: Gompers is born in London to Solomon, a cigarmaker, and his wife Sarah Rood Gompers.


-Gompers enters the cigar trade.


-Gompers joins Cigar Makers' National Union Local 15.


Jan. 28: Gompers marries Sophia Julian


-A depression begins, creating rampant unemployment among American labor.
-Gompers is a charter member and first president of Cigar Makers International Union (CMIU) Local 144.


-Dec. 8-11: The American Federation of Labor (AFL) organizes at Columbus, Ohio.
-Gompers is elected first president of AFL.

-Gompers begins his first major organizing trip for the AFL, visiting cities in New York, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, and Michigan. He returns to New York City in March 1888.

-Gompers is selected as a candidate for the state senate in New York's seventh district. He declines.

-Dec. 17: John McBride, president of the United Mine Workers, unseats Gompers as AFL president.

- Gompers is a delegate to the Union British Trade Congress in Cardiff.
-Dec. 14: Gompers is elected president of the AFL


-The National Civic Federation is organized to bring together business, labor, and civic leaders to discuss issues of national importance, including industrial relations. Gompers serves on the advisory council and as vice president.

Mar. 21: Gompers and AFL representatives present "Labor's Bill of Grievances" to Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, Speaker of the House Joseph Cannon, and president pro tem of the Senate William Frye.


Mar. 22: The AFL Executive Council votes to place the Bucks Stove and Range Co. on its "We Don't Patronize" list. The company then files a bill of complaint in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, asking for an injunction against the boycott. On Dec. 18, a temporary injunction is granted, and it is made permanent on Mar. 23, 1908.

-A judge finds Gompers, Frank Morrison, and John Mitchell in contempt of court for violating the injunction in the Buck’s Stove and Range case.

-Gompers travels to Europe and attends meetings of the General Federation of Trade Unions (Blackpool), the International Secretariat of the National Centers of Trade Unions (Paris) and the Trade Union Congress (Ipswich).
- Court of Appeals upholds Justice Daniel Wright's finding that Gompers, John Mitchell, and Frank Morrison were in contempt of court for violating injunctions issued in the Buck's Stove case.

-Mar. 25: The Triangle Shirtwaist fire destroys three top floors of a 10 story building in New York City's Greenwich Village. One hundred forty six workers, mostly women and girls, are killed.
-The New York Factory Investigating Commission is established and Gompers is appointed a member.
-U.S. Supreme Court reverses Judge Wright’s 1908 contempt ruling against Gompers, John Mitchell, and Frank Morrison in the Buck’s Stove case. The following day Judge Wright initiates new contempt proceedings.

-June 24: Judge Wright again finds Gompers, Mitchell, and Morrison guilty of contempt and sentences them to prison.


-Gompers serves as chair of the advisory committee on labor.
- Gompers presents a plan for industrial peace to the Council of National Defense (CND) calling for a National Board of Labor Adjustment which would establish minimum standards, including the 8 hour workday
-His plan is not enacted.
-Gompers is called to the White House to give his views on the labor situation in Russia.
-Gompers sends a message to the Russian people supporting the Kerensky government.

-Gompers and AFL delegation travel to Europe and attend the British TUC and the Inter-Allied Socialist and Labor Conference. They also traveled to France and Italy. -Armistice ending the war is signed.
representatives including Gompers, participate in a Pan American Federation of Labor conference in Laredo, Texas.


-Gompers travels to Europe for postwar labor conferences and to participate in the peace conference in Paris as a U.S. representative on the International Labor Commission.


-Gompers attends the Pan American Federation of Labor meeting in Mexico City. He is taken ill on Dec. 8 and is rushed back to San Antonio, Texas, where he dies on Dec. 13. He is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, New York.

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